Estate Planning with Blended Families

April 26, 2022

A father and mother with two children in a blended family

Estate Planning with Blended Families

In recent years, blended families have been on the rise. And with this increase of two separate families coming together, children, spouses, and stepchildren will have questions about wills and estate plans.

When preparing an estate plan for a blended family in Louisiana, you need to be prepared for any potential conflicts that may arise and make provisions to ensure your wishes are carried out.  You can trust the knowledgeable estate planning attorneys at Dowden & Smith to help ensure your family is looked after. Call our office today at 337-238-2800 to get started on an estate plan for your blended family in Louisiana today.

A couple meeting with an attorney for an estate plan for their blended familyProtect Your Blended Family with Estate Planning

If you have a step-family, you may be wondering if estate planning can protect the inheritance of your blended family in Louisiana. Through a will, you can protect and provide for the inheriting interests of any person or organization you wish, whether they are biological family, part of your blended family, or unrelated.

But, if you have not adopted your stepchildren, they are not entitled to any inheritance unless your will specifies otherwise. It’s important to have an estate plan for blended families in Louisiana, otherwise, you may leave stepchildren with nothing, which can result in personal and legal conflicts between your family.

Potential Conflicts with Estate Planning for Blended Families

Any potential conflicts with your blended family’s estate plan can be costly for your loved ones and potentially divide the family, hurting them even more during difficult times.

Avoid litigation and family strife by discussing your plan with your blended family and your ex-spouse. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly with your succession plan is to consult an experienced and well-versed attorney in blended family estate plans in Louisiana.

The attorneys at Dowden & Smith are here to ensure your blended family estate plan is ideal. You can rest easy knowing our experienced and compassionate attorneys are on your side. Call our office at 337-238-2800 and get started on an estate plan today.

two parents and their child posing for a pictureRevise a Blended Family Estate Plan in Louisiana

It is recommended to review and revise your estate plan every three to five years or when major life changes happen, such as the blending of two families, to reflect those changes.

It is important to review your estate plan after blending families, especially if you and your new spouse have children or plan to have children together. Adding your new stepchildren and any children you and your spouse may have into your estate plan will ensure they receive their share of the inheritance and may reduce the chance of any conflicts between your family.

Whether you need to draft a new estate plan for your blended family in Louisiana or revise an existing one, the attorneys at Dowden & Smith are the experienced estate lawyers you can trust. Contact our office today, schedule a free consultation, and protect your family’s future.


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