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Our military divorce lawyers serving Fort Polk are experienced and skilled in navigating the complications of military divorce, including the regulation surrounding family support. Per AR 608-99, soldiers are responsible for providing adequate financial support to family members and complying with any court orders or written financial agreements. The amount of support required is generally based upon the soldier’s BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing).

This requirement can also be overridden by civilian court order or judgment – for example, a judgment in a divorce proceeding. Certain types of “in-kind” payments may count toward the obligated compensation, such as when the spouse/family member resides in base housing. There are specified exceptions that may allow for the release of these obligations, such as those listed in 2-13 or 2-14 of the regulation.

More details regarding this regulation may be found here.

In order to understand how this regulation can impact your situation during the divorce process, consult with our military divorce lawyers in Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Our Military Divorce Lawyers Assist with Military Career-Related Changes, Deployments, Relocations

For military families, relocations are a routine reality. Our military divorce lawyers in Fort Polk take into careful consideration how permanent changes of station, training, deployments, and retirements or separations from service could impact your custody and divorce.

Whether you are seeking assistance after your separation from your spouse or after a change related to military service has arisen, the trusted military divorce lawyers at Dowden & Smith are here to help.

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Divorce Lawyers in Fort Polk Experieced with Military Retirement

Our experienced military divorce lawyers will explain the nuances of the division process for military retirement, including the impacts of disability on the value of retirement and the significance of the Survivor Beneficiary Plan. Get the help you need from our dedicated military divorce lawyers in Fort Polk.