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In the midst of a divorce, determining child support and custody can result in disputes and a lot of back-and-forth negotiations. Having an experienced team of child support attorneys on your side helps protect you and your child’s best interests.

Whether you’re in an ongoing divorce or seeking to enforce or amend an established child support agreement, you can trust Dowden & Smith’s Leesville child support attorneys to fight for you. Contact our team today for honest and compassionate legal advice and action that you can count on. 

Experienced & Compassionate Leesville Child Support Attorneys

No matter how complex your child custody case may be, our experienced Leesville child support attorneys can help you and fight for the best interests of your child. Whether you’re a civilian or in the military, our attorneys are experienced attorneys in child support cases and have the knowledge and experience to resolve the issues you’re facing.

Don’t go through this alone – get the help you need and deserve with Dowden & Smith. Contact our team today and talk to our Leesville child support attorneys for honest and reliable legal advice.  

Child Support Attorneys for Failure to Pay

Raising a child is hard enough on its own, but adding in an ex-spouse’s failure to pay child support can leave your family struggling. With the help of our Leesville child support attorneys, you can ensure that your family is taken care of and the child support you are owed is paid.

The passionate Leesville child custody attorneys at Dowden & Smith will help pursue the enforcement of payments for the well-being of your family. Schedule a free consultation today to hear about your options from a qualified attorney.

Modifying an Agreement with a Leesville Child Support Attorney

Child support agreements in Louisiana can be modified if the court is presented with evidence that a material change of circumstances has occurred, which means your situation, the other parent’s situation, or the child’s needs have changed significantly. If you’re the custodial parent and require more financial assistance to care for your child/children, you may ask the court to increase the payments.

Conversely, if you’re the noncustodial parent and you’re earning less money than you previously were, the court may lower the amount of the child support payments with proper evidence.

Whether you are the custodial parent seeking more child support, or the noncustodial parent asking to pay less, you can count on the Leesville child support attorneys at Dowden & Smith to protect your rights and the best interests of your child. Schedule a consultation with Dowden & Smith to talk to a child support attorney today and learn about your options for modifying a child support agreement.

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Child custody cases can be overwhelming, especially if the parents are already going through a divorce. You don’t need to go through this alone – get the support and help from Dowden & Smith’s expert child custody attorneys in Leesville.