Why You Need A Succession Attorney

August 23, 2022

someone signing a succession paper with a pen in Louisiana

Should You Do a Succession in Louisiana Without a Lawyer?

You may have found numerous sites that offer do-it-yourself successions. While they seem simple enough – most are templated documents you merely need to fill out – the question remains, should you do a succession in Louisiana without a lawyer?

The short answer is no. Successions in Louisiana are very complex matters, and you should always consult a licensed Louisiana lawyer or risk an invalid document. At Dowden & Smith, our lawyers have over 35 years of experience with Louisiana succession laws and are here to help you. You can schedule a free consultation when you contact our office today.

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Do It Yourself SuccessionsAn older couple shaking hands with a Louisiana succession attorney

Do-it-yourself succession sites make it seem simple; just fill out the paperwork, pay the filing fee, and file your documents. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to do a succession without a lawyer in Louisiana. The succession laws in Louisiana are unique, which can make DIY templates invalid. The Louisiana Legislature also meets multiple times a year, which can lead to the succession laws changing frequently.

So, while you can legally file a succession without a lawyer, it is not recommended. It may seem like a great way to save money, but if your documents are not accepted, you will not get a refund for the filing fee you paid.

Avoid the headaches and multiple filing fees by hiring Dowden & Smith. We offer flat rate succession services, so you know exactly what you’ll pay after the free consultation session. Schedule a consultation today and leave the hard work to us.

Is A Will or Estate Plan in Louisiana Necessary

Everyone should have a will or estate plan in place. A succession has to be filed for heirs to receive the intended property unless a trust has been properly established and funded beforehand.  Without a trust or succession, the heirs may not be able to claim the property that should have been passed to them.

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Louisiana Successionsa lawyer reviewing options with a client

Laws surrounding forced heirship, representation, and order of intestate succession are very nuanced and require a licensed lawyer who’s familiar with these laws at the state level. Doing a succession without a lawyer opens up the possibility of your succession being invalid, leading to future issues for you and your loved ones.

If you need help setting up an estate plan or filing a succession in Louisiana, don’t hesitate to contact Dowden & Smith. Our succession lawyers are well-versed in Louisiana’s unique laws and are ready to help you. Call 337-238-2800 to schedule a free consultation today.


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