Common Property Disputes in Louisiana

October 18, 2023

lawyer explaining common property disputes louisiana

Common Property Disputes in Louisiana

Property disputes can be complex and emotionally charged, often requiring the expertise of a seasoned attorney to navigate the legal intricacies. In Louisiana, property laws can differ from those in other states, so having a knowledgeable advocate, like Chuck Dowden, by your side is crucial.

In this article, we will explore some of the common property disputes in Louisiana and shed light on how an experienced Louisiana property dispute lawyer can help you resolve them.

Understanding Common Property Disputes in Louisiana

Boundary Disputes – Common Property Dispute #1

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Boundary disputes are one of the most common property conflicts in Louisiana. These disputes arise when neighboring property owners disagree on the exact location of their property lines. Factors such as outdated surveys, unclear legal descriptions, or encroachments can complicate matters.

An experienced property dispute lawyer’s expertise in property law lets them analyze deeds, surveys, and other relevant documents to determine accurate boundary lines and resolve disputes amicably, or with litigation if necessary.

Servitude Disputes – Common Property Dispute #2

Servitudes, much like easements in other states,  grant individuals or entities the right to use another person’s property for a specific purpose. These common property disputes in Louisiana can arise when the servitude terms are violated or the servitude holder exceeds their rights.

An experienced property dispute lawyer’s extensive knowledge of Louisiana property law allows them to interpret servitude and right-of-way agreements and negotiate fair resolutions that protect their client’s rights.

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Co-Ownership Disputes – Common Property Dispute #3

Another common property dispute in Louisiana involves co-ownership. Co-ownership disputes occur when multiple individuals jointly own a property, such as in cases of inheritance or shared investments. Disagreements may arise regarding property usage, maintenance responsibilities, or property sale.

The right attorney’s expertise in property law and ability to mediate complex disputes can help co-owners find equitable solutions through negotiation or litigation.

Adverse Possession or Acquisitive Prescription Claims – Common Property Dispute #4

Adverse possession claims (known as acquisitive prescription) occur when someone occupies another person’s property without permission for an extended period, typically either ten years or thirty years, in Louisiana. These claims can be legally complex, requiring a thorough understanding of property law and the ability to gather evidence to support or refute the claim.

A skilled property dispute lawyer, like the attorneys at Dowden & Smith, will have extensive experience in property law, which allows them to assess the validity of adverse possession claims and protect their clients’ property rights.

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Your Trusted Advocate for Property Disputes in Louisiana

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When facing a property dispute in Louisiana, it is essential to seek the guidance of an experienced property dispute lawyer with a deep understanding of the state’s property laws.

At Dowden & Smith, our team is well-versed in the complexities of Louisiana property laws. With our expertise, we can successfully resolve numerous property disputes, helping you protect your rights and find favorable outcomes. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.


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