a little girl kissing her mom on the cheek

The Importance of Special Needs Estate Planning in Louisiana

Life is full of uncertainties, and when a loved one has a disability, planning for the future becomes even more …

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An elderly woman meeting with lawyers to challenge a will in Louisiana.

Challenging a Will in Louisiana

Challenging a Will in Louisiana A will is a legal document outlining how a person’s assets and property will be …

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Person signing advance directive papers at a hospital.

What Are Advance Directives?

What Are Advance Directives in Louisiana? Advance directives are an essential part of your estate plan. Without advance directives in …

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A lawyer points to paperwork about what an ancillary probate is to a client with folded hands.

What Is Ancillary Probate?

What is Ancillary Probate? Ancillary probate, or ancillary succession, is a legal process that allows the Louisiana property of a …

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a woman standing at the open door to her business

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Business

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Business Branching out on your own and creating your own business is no …

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bride & groom signing marriage license

Why You Need A Prenup

Why You Need a Prenup in Louisiana When you’re getting married, it may seem like your to-do list is never …

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